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Advanced Slotting Demo

Advanced Slotting Demo

Warehouse Slotting

The only product on the market to integrate all warehousing management and planning in one tool set, Advanced Slotting (DC Expert) gives you the power to maximize space utilization, labor productivity, transportation efficiencies, and measure your operation against global benchmarks in your unique business sector.

Optimize your DC through re-slotting, and realize a 15% decrease in travel distance, a 10% reduction in handling and an increase in cubic utilization by 25%, or more. Quickly draw your current operation, or design a future operation with the Layout Tool, and calculate storage capacity and space utilization through a drag and drop design engine. No longer will you have to spend hours using a CAD program to get workable designs and plans. Once you are satisfied with your design, simply apply racking and space costs to compare model vs. actual, or model vs. model.

With its 3 core modules, Advanced Slotting creates rapid operations models, and provides actionable ROI’s for management groups. Whether you are designing an operation from the ground up, or just looking to optimize your current distribution center, Advanced Slotting is an invaluable tool set for your organization.

3 Core Modules

  • Warehouse Layout
  • Slot Master
  • Benchmark

Be up to 15% more efficient

  • Reduce Picking Travel Distance - By Zone, Aisle & Proximity
  • Maximize Space Efficiency - Cube Utilization & Floor Space
  • Accurately Predict Labor - Man Hours & MHE
  • Optimize Slotting - Over 150,000 Algorithms
  • Increase Flexibility & Control - Customized Reporting & Benchmarking

For details, watch the Advanced Slotting Demo