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Warehouse Optimization & Slotting
DC Expert 4.5
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DC Expert 4.5
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DC Expert 4.5
Slot by over 256,000 self building algorithms and Center of Gravity Models
Over 256,000 self building algorithms
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DC Expert 4.5
DC Expert 4.5
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Strategic Modelling

Our suite of programs is designed to create computer models of complex distribution operations, and then allow strategies to be run against those models. The outputs can include scenarios for least overall cost, maximum revenue – and then run trade-offs of each.


Product Training

Insight offers a variety of product training courses to help you create innovative learning content, and to demonstrate product functionality for optimal results. We provide a full line of roles-based, hands-on, and results-oriented training, as well as Certification programs.


Project Management

Whether it’s online or in the boardroom, we strive to maintain a healthy flow of communication, so that our project management team can deliver exactly what you need – on time and on budget. We will help manage and minimize the impact on time, budget and resource allocations.


Insight Group can rapidly identify the nuances of your operations and then introduce global best practices to drive costs down and increase productivity. Our corporate standard is to over-deliver results, and provide you with ample opportunities to create a rapid return on investment.

Why Insight?

  • Experience: over 30 years in Logistics and Supply Chain management
  • Best practices: strategies and results based on best methodologies
  • Client Partnerships: assist you with top management buy-in & follow-up
  • Real results: delivers real solutions that can be measured and quantified
  • Best experts: setting the learning context, teaching new skills and processes
  • Top-notch: warehouse management system software boosting your business

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