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Insight Group’s Warehouse Master II



Warehouse Master II™ A complete warehouse management solution, Insight Group’s Warehouse Master II is a powerful, affordable solution specifically designed to increase warehouse inventory accuracy, maximize human resource allocations, and reduce inventory carrying costs.

Developed by professional logisticians, Warehouse Master II actively tracks receiving, picking, stocking and replenishment for you. With over 20 years of installed history, and used by over 100 corporations around the globe, it’s a powerful, feature-rich solution for manufacturers, distributors and 3PL providers.

Now released on a SQL database design with a current Visual Basic.NET front end, Warehouse Master II provides a vast list of features that rival more costly programs:

  • Synchronize Movement of Goods – In the Warehouse & the Yard

  • Boost Order Accuracy – Fill Rates & On-Time Shipments

  • Eliminate Excess Inventory – Get Batch & Real-Time Data

  • Optimize Slotting – Wave Planning & Packing

  • Improve Management Control – Reporting & Labor Management